December 27, 2020
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Tres Hombres

Cela fait maintenant 10 days (By Clement Deroin Thevenin)

au total que nous voguons au gré du vent et du courant, dans notre quête de grand large, quittant le luxueux abri que nous offrait La Palma.

It's been a long time since the 10 days of the year that the compass was kept in mind.

After all, the ocean doesn't have to be so beautiful when we leave Den Helder and we end up with a lot of traffic in Cap-Vert and the accents of Africa. Seul le passage de poissons volants, de nappes de plancton phosphorescent, de dauphins, de baleines et d'oiseaux de grand large ponctuent d'une brève visite de courtoisie ses flots coulants paisiblement vers les Caraïbes, où notre prochaine cargaison et le repos de chacun Nous attendent patiemment, scrutant l'horizon dans l'attente de reconnaître le volume et la couleur de nos voiles, tels les proches de marins des temps jadis attendant le returns des leurs, saints et saufs au port.

The opposite is the case when it comes to arriving without having to wait until the end of the day to profit from the spectacle of life, but it is also a matter of time before the end of the day, not to mention the light and effilée that you will be able to survive furthermore, it is important to know that no man's land is good, and that the sillage is éphémère. They are interested in a petite routine and change after they are open, they are fresh, they are short, they are small but they are fresh; à propos de ce qui s'est passé, de ce qui se passe, de ce qu'il se passera : ici, partout, et ailleurs. This means that interior design is quick and easy, with a few moments in sight, the horizon is perfect and the surplombant is the capsule, and the bull is shaped like the normal temperature of the time, After the end of the tour, the course of the premiere was completed, the premiere point of the roche was completed before the end of the fair was released.

The melodies of the guitars amenées are mixed according to the vagues, the cliquetis, tintements, and cracks of the navigation; Now it is time to explore the journey and complete the tomb, to ensure that the installation is not veiled.

And in the end, there are only a few semblances that are different from one another to the next, au a moment or two during the journey, just an observation and a veil over the outer firmament, even more so than the periphery. It is also a souvenir of your life. Le jour comme la nuit, a travers les étoiles et la lune, nous fraychissement du soleil mordant des tropiques et de sa lumière dorée qui tanne et teinte nos peaux, emplissant nos yeux de couleurs que seul là où nous sommes nous aurions pu observer, the son levé à son coucher.

Maintenant during the summer months of the year, and during the first year of the year, but sometimes during the summer months, the patient arrives at good port, in the end of the day rayer cette étape de notre liste et pouvoir intérieurement se dire: ça y est, je l'ai fait. J'ai traversé un ocean…

You are also welcome in Paris/New-York, and you are ready to go with your eyes while you are on your way, and you are also welcome to do so with the help of your next voyage de différent, d'inconnu qu'il nous tarde decouvrir, attend sagement notre arrivée.

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