Tres Hombres Unloading Party

We envision a world where instead of 90 % of our everyday purchases coming from across the world on ‘super-ships’, we will consume 90 % less. And of what we consume, more comes from our backyards, from our friends, neighbors, and our communities. And that what we cannot produce ourselves, those luxuries that make our everyday existence more enjoyable, items that bring our communities together, commodities like chocolate, coffee and rum, will be ethically sourced, and ethically shipped, creating a more fair and balanced global society.
Tres Hombres rounded the Atlantic for the tenth time, this means we also unloaded our cargo hold for the tenth time surrounded by friends, (former) crew, shareholders, cargo owners and (former) trainees. We are grateful that we have been able to share this special day with so many people. Thanks for everyone who make this possible and believe in us!

Fairtransport Team

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