Tres Hombres blog: We are drifting in circles at one of the most magic places

“Everyone says love hurts, but that is not true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality, love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. Love is the only thing that does not hurt.”

This at least what Mesa Selimovic says. I agree. To an extend. But it is not the only thing. And it is surely the best thing to heal but not the only one.

My last two years were mainly not too easy and it all culminated in me now being without my best friend and a partner in crime. I also lost my quadruped friend whom I saved from a disastrous live and who in return made it possible that i am now sitting here alive and on this fine vessel.
But at the same time life opened a whole world of new possibilities – I found superb homes for quite a few rescued dogs I feel responsible for and got the opportunity to to travel from Hawaii through the South Pacific followed by the offer to take over this barge 😉

I came on board nearly a week ago and I would like to share my first impressions with you.
After a rather long hand-over between Remi and me (to show our professionalism and dedication we even moved part of the execution of the necessary procedures into several of the off-board liquid supplying offices in La Palma and we sometimes worked daily till up to three in the morning in them!).

Now we are drifting in circles at one of the most magic places I know – next to the Echo Seabank, the Paps Seamountain and Saharan Seamount. 152m, 1512m and 2496m of water above them. If you now imagine the rest of the seabed around being at 3700andsomething meters, you should see a landscape which is quite a bit more impressive than any mountain area you know. These alps here are hit by a southerly current and are located between two continent plates. As a result, this here is a meeting place for everybody in the ocean. We have been visited by common dolphins, bottle nose dolphins, some whales and several mahi-mahis were following us for hours. At night if you shine a torch in the water you see a light show which would be impossible to reproduce with any tools in its four dimensional nature.
Last time I have been here was a looong time ago and to have these conditions which make it possible to appreciate this show is also not exactly highly probable in this part of the world; to put it mildly.
So, Mr. Selimovic, only love, eeee?

When I came on board there was already a very tight group of people which in itself is already a difficult situation for a newbie. Usually. It is even more difficult if this newbie is set on board as captain without knowing anything about this specific vessel and especially if there are much more Tres Hombres experienced people on board. Usually. I really do not feel much of this on this ship. Thanks
I obviously still do not understand the running gags and some procedures seem quite alien to me but i must say that it is – on my first impression – the best ship I have been on in quite a few years sailing; and this comparison stands up against navy sailing vessels and all sorts of much posher, richer and merchant floaty stuff. On the first sight..

Deja vu?
Well, the seamountain break for example…
Also there are at least three persons on board who are a spitting image of important persons I have known or dreamt about.
More deja vu: In the first night there was some story/fairy tale telling going on and somebody told spot on ‘my’ story with someone very important. Scary. Fascinating. Relieving. Hope it will have the same ending.
So, Selimovic, maybe not only love? I think all this here is also quite powerful non-hurty-stuff, is it not?

Anyway, come on, we are here on an ocean cruise. Your loved ones are mostly at home which is one of the major difficulties in sailing. You really have to start loving in different ways and other things, situations
and feelings. But these are very unfiltered and real and honest if you let it happen and if you are able to live it truly; the chances and ways are many; especially out here, with these people. But do not ever forget.

Ok, you do know a bit about me and we will keep you informed about how our voyage goes; I promise we have much more dedicated and talented writers than me on board.
Thanks to all and to a few specifically!

[you are right after all, Mesa, if you see love globally and in the biggest picture]

..while I am typing this, someone is singing a song which I have not heard in years and who basically brought me to sailing….

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