Press release : Tres Hombres arrived at the port of Grenada!


On it`s sixth consecutive voyage between Europe and the Carribean islands, the good ship Tres Hombres is visiting the Grenadian port of St. George again. The only Transatlantic cargo vessel without an engine started the eight months lasting journey in the Netherlands in October, 2014 and is due to arrive back there in June, 2015.

Up until now the ship visited ports in Norway, the U.K., France, Portugal, and on the Canarian and Capeverdian islands. After the Atlantic crossing St. Lucia was the first Carribean destiny, then Barbados, Bequia, Mayreau, Union, Carriacou and Tobago were visited. After leaving Grenada, the Tres Hombres will sail to Bonaire and the Dominican Republic. Then the winds are to carry the ship eastward across the ocean to the Açores, Ireland, the U.K. and Belgium before heading home again.

The flagship of Fairtransport B.V. Shipping and Trading carries in it ́s cargohold already 10barrels of French wine for aging purpose and 5 barrels of La Palma rum. As usual in St. George bars of choclate from the Grenada Choclate Company will be taken in. In Boca Chica (D.R.) the hold will be entirely filled up with rum, coffee- and cacaobeans.

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Again these sustainable grown and produced goods will be transported emissionfree, the main purpose of the Fairtransport founders, two Dutch and one Austrian sailingfriends. With their self- built ship these three men, tres hombres, started a revolution in naval cargo transport by making it their goal to reduce the pollution caused by the engine driven mercantile marine significantly, in bringing back wind driven cargo ships on the worldseas.

In St. George a filmcrew of the French television programme Thalassa will come on board to make shots of the loading of the choclate bars and during the crossing to Bonaire. They ́re making a documentary on sustainable cargo sailing, in which the Tres Hombres takes a leading part and made shots earlier in the French port of Douarnenez and at sea from a helicopter.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Loading a beautiful cargo of wine bound for Rostock and Copenhagen. (by Diana Mesa of TOWT France)” type=”image” alt=”dsc_0392.jpg” ]

 Loading barrels : picture by

The Tres Hombres is due to arrive in St. George on February 10 Carenage. During it’s stay there the public is invited to visit this unique vessel between 11 a.m. and 17 p.m. Captain Arjen van der Veen and his crew will gladly show interested Grenadians around.

More information about this special project, including about cargo shipping and sailing along possibilities can be gained on the website, asked by e-mail: or during a visit on the ship.

Cleem Doedens

crewmember of Tres Hombres

Fairtransport Communications

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