Morgenster, Tecla, Tres Hombres & Nordlys

Morgenster-treshombres-nordlys in Den Helder

At the moment there are several beautiful sailing ships moored at the former navy warf, Willemsoord, Den Helder Netherlands. Amongst them Morgenster, Tecla and our second sailing cargo vessel Nordlys.

Up-coming weeks a big group of people will help us getting Tres Hombres in ship-shape condition again to sail around the Atlantic for the 6th time! We are always in need of some skilled hands. Especially If you have any experience in rigging work, woodwork and/or steelwork you are very welcome to join us. Plenty of work to be done and lots of experiences to gain! Mail or call  (tuesday or friday)  us and speak with our crew coordinator (Gerrit) before showing up. / +31(0)223 683516



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