Age: 25
Position onboard:
Former occupation on land (or how do you keep yourself busy when you are not sailing)?
I work as a nurse and this kept me busy most of the time. I was assisting with heart surgeries. So as my daily business I was touching beating hearts in open chests.
Which book, film, or song and/or event inspired and sparked in you first the dream of a life at sea?
I went sailing in the Netherlands with an exchange, organized by our youth centre back in my hometown when I was 13 or 14. Since then I went sailing in the Netherlands every year. Someday I thought: I would like to cross the Atlantic!
What to pack for your sea chest, absolutely?
I wish I would have brought my knife! But definitely, you should bring a unicorn.
What to leave ashore, doubtless?
Which is your favourite peace corner onboard aka where do you hide when you need to be alone.
The galley roof!
What do you like the most onboard: a detail of the ship, a routine, a person, an activity…?
Leaving and especially sailing out of the harbours.
Three Magic Words to hold fast to onboard?
Douse the royal!
If Tres Hombres was a wild creature, which one she would be?
While climbing the rigging sometimes reminds me of riding a bucking horse.
Biggest fear before joining and greatest satisfaction on the way?
I was worried about how it would be out in the Atlantic, without being able to reach civilization easily and my greatest satisfaction was to find out how much I enjoyed it when I was actually doing it. And how much I enjoyed not being available!
Why Tres Hombres?
Because I was looking for a safe way to cross the Atlantic. The Tres impressed me with her beauty and the fact that there’s no engine on board. I also wanted to join a traditional sailing vessel, to learn some traditional seaman skills.
I didn’t want to do the crossing in a plastic boat!

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