Latest position Tres Hombres ’55 nautical miles off Den Helder’

DATE: 25-03-16  GMT: 1200 POS: 52º38′ N, 3º17′ E   COG: 50º  SOG:7 kts

Tres Hombres look like hurry to back home
Yesterday we did pass Dover strait around 8 o clock

We are now at 55 nautical miles of Den Helder
A run to north at 8 knots down wind all the night
With just the squares sails braced square

Then at sun rise, when we reached the Rotterdam latitude
Full and By all sail up with 20 knots of north wind
more than 7.5 kts average this morning

An amazing last day run for the crew of the 7th ocean tour
Everybody on board is enjoying the sun, the wind and the little waves

The cargo hold fill up with Cafe, Coconut oil, Sugar cane Melase, Cacao butter, wine and rum
The Goods Brigantine Tres Hombres arrive soon, tomorrow we’ll celebrate in Willemsoord

Francois Mangin

ps. Tres Hombres will arrive in Den Helder tomorrow afternoon. She will be towed into the harbour through the locks at around 1500 and will be moored in Historic harbour Willemsoord.


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