It was you, wasn’t it, who wanted to sail along?

It was you, wasn’t it, who wanted to sail along, being a trainee on the good ship Tres Hombres ?
You regret you couldn’t make up your mind?
You wanted to sail along but couldn’t find someone to feed the cat?
You wanted to take a sabbatical but were convinced it would become a mess at your job when you left?
So, now, here you are.
Reading the stories.
In front of your ’window to the world’.
And you are sorry now.
But, light up..
We saved you a place, you can still come along!
Join our rumrunner Tres Hombres or our trading ketch Nordlys and make some new memories!
Sign in on and come aboard!

Tres Hombres summer schedule 2017

Tres Hombres fall, winter schedule 2017/ 2018

Nordlys summer schedule 2017

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