Happy to stay, happy to go, by Trainee Siri

DATE: 09-03-16 GMT:1100  POS: 39º54′ N,26º39′ W COG:60º  SOG:8 kts

Happy to stay, happy to go,

Six days in the Azores was not enough. Such a diverse paradise needs a lot more time. I have never seen as many different kinds of nature put together in such a small area as from the Pico vulcano. The black vulcanic stone meets an open, moory landscape reminding me of Ireland, with stone fences separating fields with cows grazing. The coast is covered with cliffs like on the west coast of Portugal, and in between the villages cling to the mountain sides like in the north of Italy. Sometimes the hills and the roads reminds me of home in Norway.

I could have spent weeks, maybe months discovering the small streets between the houses, the idea behind putting low stone fences around all the vineyards, the cheese traditions that vary from island to island and, of course, a proper Atlantic storm.

But than there is the ocean, also very much a part of the beauty of the Azores – and our exit route. Sailing is coming, discovering, and than leaving behind. Like any holiday – but still not. Because I don’t leave by sitting on my arse in an airplane, and I don’t wake up next morning having to go to the office. By the time the first corner of the island is rounded, I am no longer sad to leave – I am happy to go. Happy to be sailing again.

The Azores is not going anywhere. I will be back. Just have to sail a few thousand miles more.


WIND DIR:south-east
WIND SPD:3 Beaufort
CURRENT DIR:northh-east
CLOUDS:altocumulus 8/8
AIR PRES:1031 hPa


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