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Message from Free Town:

It was you, wasn’t it, who wanted ​to sail along, ​being a trainee on the good ship​ Tres Hombres ?​
You regret you couldn’t make up your mind?
You wanted to sail along but couldn’t find someone to feed the cat?
You wanted to take a sabbatical but were convinced it would become a mess at your job when you left?​

So, now, here you are.
Reading the stories.
In front of your ​’window to the world’.
And you are sorry now.

But, light up..
We saved you a​ place, you can still come along!

Join C​aptain François, his crew and your fellow trainees and make some new memories!

Sign in and come aboard​!
Next legs are open for booking;

Douarnenez, France – Santa Cruz, La Palma
Santa Cruz, La Palma – Boca Chica, Dom. Rep
Boca Chica, Dom. Rep – Horta, Acores
Horta, Acores – Amsterdam, Netherlands

For more info check: Break a leg
or contact Sabine at:

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