Carlisle Bay, Barbados – by Capt. François

DATE: 13dec15 GMT: 1400 POS: anchored at Carlisle Bay, Barbados



WIND SPD:20kts

SEA TEMP:28ºC (have you ever swim in a soup ? )

AIR TEMP:32ºC  (sorry for ours Europeans fellows, but it’s true and in ten o clock)

AIR PRES:1016 hPa


Shout the Captain to the Bosun,
the command to drop the 300 kg anchor
fast on a 10kg per meter chain
50 meters in a water
enough to hold fast this beautiful island
For the first time,
the Tres Hombres will bring back Barbados’ Rum
the Rum’ original island

After 3 weeks across the Atlantic
After 7 hours spent in a custom office over air conditioned
We inspect the quality of our new cargo
Yes we are responsible professional cargo sailors 🙂

As usually, we jumped into clear and blue water of course
From the TopSail yard for the bravest pirate
Our little sailing dinghy turning around the Tres

We already enjoy the fruits from the Island
Papaya, Mango, bananas ( hurray, some fresh one) , coconut
avocado, and many others that only our cook new the names

All the best from the other side (of the Atlantic)

Capt. François



picture: © jdr / Fairtransport

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