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Environmentally Friendly Shipping

Fairtransport stands for environmentally friendly transport. Since 2007, we have strived to minimize our collective emissions of environmentally harmful substances. With our sailing fleet, we transport sustainable cargo across the sea using just the power of the wind. Enjoy our high-quality, organic and artisanal delicacies from honest producers.

Sailed products

From cocoa and coffee to rum and wine to olive oil – our delicious products are transported by sea, without an engine, powered only by the force of the wind. Our trading partners are exclusively local producers who are passionately committed to ecological and biodynamic production. During production, traditional craftsmanship meets a high degree of social responsibility. Try it! The tone of involvement, commitment and passion to contribute to a better, more sustainable and fairer world is a special taste experience!

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Transport your freight sustainably... Fairtransport!!!

Our successful fleet has years of experience in transporting valuable, durable goods all over the world under sail. We work with high-quality and recognized producers and traders, with people with a climate-friendly vision.

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Sail along...

Hoist the sails and transport very special goods with us in the most environmentally friendly way.
However deeply connected we are to our values and ideals, we are passionate about passing them on, inspiring them, collaborating and sharing our knowledge.

On board our sailing cargo sailing ships there are very special opportunities to train young and experienced sailors.
The special craftsmanship of traditional seafaring is hardly reflected in modern shipping. On the other hand, we cherish this knowledge on board our ships and pass it on.

In addition to sailing, the conditions and challenges of cargo sailing also invite you to develop personally and grow beyond yourself, to discover and expand new, perhaps unexpected talents, skills and strengths.
What are you waiting for? We look forward to you!

We are proud of our sustainable partners

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Adventures of the high seas

In our logbook you can read more about what happens on board, delve into the stories of the crew and life on a traditional cargo sailing ship at sea.

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Tres Hombres

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January 11, 2024
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“Taking our planet into account is not just a hype for Fairtransport but a way of life!”

Sabine Fox & Joop Harrems
- Fair Transport Board