You can’t change the wind but you can adjust the sails…Tres Hombres in Nova Scotia

The Tres Hombres now lies in the bay of Lunenburg, Canada. This unscheduled stop has been made due to weather conditions in the path of Tres Hombres as she was attempting to cross the North Atlantic, on route to the Azores.
Due to light winds for the first section of the crossing to Bermuda followed by strong winds from Tropical Storm Gaston, it has been necessary to stop in Lunenburg to reprovision the ship with fresh supplies and to wait for a safer weather window for transit.
Unfortunately this voyage has been subject to many unforeseen delays caused by a transport strike in Columbia and delays in deliveries of our cargoes in the Canary islands and Dominican Republic. This has put us in the unfortunate position of crossing the Atlantic at a time when the weather is less favourable.
At Fairtransport the safety of ship and crew is our top priority and if the wind changes we adjust our sails. We hope to update our clients and followers with more information shortly regarding deliveries of cargo.
you can’t change the wind but you can adjust the sails” Thomas S. Monson




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