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[one_half]It’s been two months since I embarked on the Tres Hombres. Since then, I’ve been through ten storms visited 5 countries and my journey ends tomorrow. The skin on my hands has been replaced by insensitive callus. Showering has become a luxury. I am tired from rarely sleeping more than 4 hours at a time and being permanently wet has become the norm. Perhaps I should be relieved that, tomorrow, this will all be over and I will soon be in the comfort of my own home. But I am going to miss this a hell of a lot. I am going to miss my sailing comrades with whom I’ve shared this adventure. Who managed to make me laugh in the hardest of situations. I’m going to miss the immense satisfaction after the adrenaline rush from sail handling or climbing aloft. Going to miss pushing my limits and seeing others do the same. Going to miss how I appreciate every small thing even more. The magic that the sea offers. Beautiful scenery, Dolphins, shooting stars, sparkling seaweed, sunsets, and I could go on. I feel that I have learnt so much from this ship, and that there is still so much left for me to learn. But I shall simply be grateful to have lived this adventure and I shall wish fair winds to my new friends who will sail on.

Emilie deckhand Tres Hombres[/one_half]


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