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Mama skal kravle op i masten!

Sune says this, watching his wife Veronica climbing up the windward shrouds, keeping their kids in control on deck, while we sail gently, with the last sea breeze along the north-eastern coast of Bornholm. The two boys are our youngest trainees yet: Alberto, el macho artesano, always drawing or fishing and constantly having two or more blond girls following him across the rocks, and Marcelo, el mono corredor, climbing up some simpatico human or running high-speed rounds over the whole deck, 20, 30…until he falls asleep on the spot.

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Before we even entered the port of Copenhagen Sune already was onboard together with his brother and their bicycles. A short time later many friends and family followed on the tugboat, which had to bring us into the city center and through the bridge onto Knippelsbrogade. And there we were, on a sunny summer day, the boat safely moored and what is waiting for us: a super-lunch made by Pontus and crew, accompanied by so many sorts of wines not to remember, all this under the Knippelsbro-bridge, which gives shelter to Sune’s wine store. Thereafter showers in Christiania, again food prepared by cook, captain and a happy cargo owner… And the good days followed: after unloading an amount of exceptional biodynamic wines and another crew dinner at Sune’s wine bar, we talked about sailing to Bornholm, and when another client with a pallet of wine asked our freight-service to the island, the decision was made: open the bridge and sail for the Baltic!

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Family Rosforth accompanied us on the trip to this most eastern place the ship has ever been, installing a camping in the hold between the cargo of wine.
And what a place it is! Hills overgrown with soft green wheat fields and dark woods, bounded at the coastline by steep cliffs which are interrupted by little harbours and farms further up the land. Very light wind, coming from the land made us come up to just about 100m from the land, where we dropped anchor in front of Guljhem, and went in to check port for a berth. The harbor master and Maria, the cargo owner, invited us with all their hospitality and were eager to have us in their magnificent little harbor with just enough place to fit Tres Hombres. In a few minutes the harbor master sent all the plastic away from the stone wall and called us to come in. The dinghy and some ropes did the job and silently we moved in, awaited by a big crowd and immediately hooked up with a band playing on the cargo hatch and a fine BBQ set up on deck with meat to cut! What should I say about Danish hospitality? If you bring them wine you are treated like a king there!!
After almost a week with hundreds of visitors on deck and many wine tasting’s in different places we got rid of the 3 pallets we brought here and made many contacts for cargoes from and to the island. In the same time the day-watch system allowed the crew to leave the port and explore nature a bit, a pleasure I also took my time for, biking over the soft hills of Bornholm.

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This lead to some deeper sight into the islands ecosystem and social development. It is like everywhere in our beloved society. The beautiful farmhouses are quiet and empty like after a war, mostly used for residence of city people. The shorelines are crowded with ice-likking and polser-eating tourists, after-midlife-crisis-bands playing daily in front of the restaurants, all brought by fast ferry and plane. This just during July and August, for the rest a big silence and lots of rain cover the little ports. The young population leaves to the capital, where 1/3 of all Danes live. The island is covered by beautiful fields, which are by closer look not that great. A huge mono culture, not just on Bornholm but all over Denmark, feeds millions of pigs to produce meat which is sent out all over the world. More Antibiotics in the ground and in the water than in the local pharmacy. But there is hope… many small organic farmers, breweries, fancy restaurants using local products are coming up, fighting this strange, dead-end development called industrialization, still mostly depending on tourists or rich part time inhabitants. Bit by bit it changes, I think we also made some people think and all in all it was a great time in Bornholm, thanks to Maria, Tom, Sune, the circus and many locals! We will come back with a full hold next year!
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Back to Copenhagen, where we await a new crew of trainees for the last leg of the voyage to Holland, we sailed onto a free pier in front of a huge, grey concrete kubus and made fast. Still completely wet from the intensive squall, which gave us the right push to reach the town before darkness, a watchman approached us, threatening with police if we would not leave the Maersk pier immediately, engine or not. So we pulled her along, taking care that the stern part would still reach over to their property. TH crew knows what that means. We will do the same when we are the biggest shipping company in the world and their last rusty, empty, shortened containerwreck wants to tie up at the sailing ship pier at Amaliehavn.
Back on sea,
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