We are enough north to sail ”obstructions free ” (by captain Anne-Flore Gannat)

Going away from TSS, platforms, windmills. Some cargo here and there, some calls, and all traffic goes smooth.

We crossed our paths with bark Europa and Avontuur before, great to see those ships under sail far from the coast, courageous crew jumping on uncomfortable waves.

The Royal is on holiday and the Main as well for the night. The rolling of the waves was tiring for the crew on deck. Keeping stability on legs, and in bed to fight against movement caused by the high messy swell is not easy.
Time for the trainees who are not used to live on a ship like this to appreciate the luxury, which is waiting for them, at the on-land home. Tomorrow will be more quiet.

The images are gorgeous between sunlight. Sun rays are pushing through the clouds, rainbows and orange oil jackets, maneuvers, and routine tasks during the night under red headlight.

Well catching up on the schedule yeah!

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