Tres Hombres weblog: Like a slammed door the east wind welcomes us back in Europe

Like a slammed door the east wind welcomes us back in Europe. The pressure is high, almost unbearable, the huge systems with 1038 mb moving back and forth above Ireland, supplying us with fresh air, directly from the North pole.  This is what can happen when some people keep saying that the captain can also control the wind…onto our 300 miles to go, we got another 700… 
At least, after 4-5 grey days the sun came out and all hands are happy to scrape and paint and oil and whip and splice and knot and mend and serve and tar and saw and chip away hard to get her into the right shape for home. But also to read and talk and argue and snack and sometimes just enjoy the warming sun rays, as just right now in the afternoon watch.

In this moment a ship passed our bows, whereon I pointed and called out to the crew: look, a ship just like ours! They came and saw a 303m container vessel, but still, they are also carrying cargo. Hilde then said: They must have just as much crew as we have, isn’t that crazy. Yes, it certainly is. I mean, something in this relation is crazy, we are carrying 1 container, they 15.000.
You, Mister, sitting at the drawing desk and making lines, forming a miserable monster like this, you are crazy, or not? Or are we? Kim is a designer and makes formidable rum labels, Jeroen is an extraordinarily gifted inventor, Remi is a licensed mariner, steering the greatest cargo ship in the world close to the wind, Giuseppe is cooking fine and healthy meals with lowest budget in most basic conditions, Hilde converted from an office lady to able bodied seaman, learning first to caulk a ship in the winter, I am beeswaxing structural oak wood to keep it good for the next fifty years and so on….
So here nobody is crazy, so it must be you! Where all this trash, carried in unbelievable amounts, ends up is maybe the highest stage of human evolution presently, a fuckin webshop.
We won’t be on time for your orders at Amazon, mother nature knows why, keep in touch with her.

Captain Andreas Lackner

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