DATE: 7dec15 GMT: 2000 POS: 14º07.2′ N, 40º00.1’W COG: 260º SOG:6kts



WIND SPD:15kts






AIR PRES:1015hpa

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”we vonden midden in het kanaal een vogel” type=”image” alt=”we vonden midden in het kanaal een vogel.jpg” ] [pe2-image src=”….jpg” href=”″ caption=”mijn thuis aankomende maanden…” type=”image” alt=”mijn thuis aankomende maanden….jpg” ] [pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”deckwash” type=”image” alt=”deckwash.jpg” ]

Setting sails in order to set sail, as no engine does she have
Her fuel , the calloused hands , the kiss of the wind and the knowledge of the ropes
This knowledge is new to me but unfolds in a nautical language of old
It unfolds as do the sails through calls by the captain or mate
‘Brace the yards , Douse the Royal, let go the starboard sheet,
No that’s the huelyard of the upper Bob’ The Bosun heard to shout
As the flurry of frenetic human movement subsides and all sails spectaculy rise
The flying gliding forward causes all crew to heave a sigh
A sigh of pure contentment and bliss , that only true sailing can bring

Setting sail across the mighty seas
Setting sail upon the majestic ocean
Setting sails on the masts of the Tres Hombres

We lurch and rock n roll onwards upon the Atlantic sea
With a crew of punk rock pirates , the flag ship of the fleet
This growing fleet of fair transport ships ,
with there mission and life style to teach.
To teach the fuel crazed fast paced folk ,
to regain control of there lives,
Through choosing fair fine food and  goods from source
and sailing them emission free
Emission free from A to B , the Tres Hombres message is clear .
With her belly already part full of rum ,
with many more delights to come.

Setting sail across the mighty seas
Setting sail upon the majestic ocean
Setting sails on the masts of the Tres Hombres

And now we sail into the clear blue world ,
clearing the mind and cleaning the soul.
The wind in her sails does sing.
The song she sings , sedately for now , can change at any time.
From a laluby or whisper , that hardly does she move
To a screaming squall that brings with rain and sails to be doused.
But for the now she sings a constant song for her square sails to be full
Full enough to move us forward , knocking off miles through the swell.
This swell of the gulf stream and trade winds of old , mother nature’s motorway.

Setting sail across the mighty seas
Setting sail upon the majestic ocean
Setting sails on the masts off the Tres Hombres

So here i am . one of thirteen crew aboard this engineless Brigintine
The star board watch is the watch i am in , under the first mate’s charge
He schools us in sea man ship , the weather and the wind
He’s also a deep lover of music old and new,He rocks out at the helm
Often given our ears a treat .
From gypsy punk to classic folk and all genres in between.
Though for the night watches the music’s off, so the port side watch can sleep.
but then all our senses are given a treat.
by the show of the stars and moon.
And as lady moon goes from full to small,
the stars take center stage .
Nebuli and galaxies , consterlations and milky ways ,
outstanding to behold
Only to be abstractly mirrored
by bio luminessence plankton of the figure headed bow.

Setting sail across the mighty seas
Setting sail upon the  majestic ocean
Setting sails on the masts of the Tres Hombres

Three times a day our most groovy chef , from our ever dwinerling provisions
Always a fine feast does he make.
The bosun teaches us knots and ship care , as flying fish dance by
and up the rigging once again i climb to the yard of the royal sail
Often just creating excuses, just for the thrill of the climb.
As going aloft as the boat does rock , is a joy in every sense .
And on a ship mate’s birthday , a cake on the night watch i bake,
And our Captain baberques a fresh caught fish,as dolphins and whales swim by.
and once a week we drink a toast to each other and to life
so as another day passes and nearer land we get
i really wanted to share  with you ,
quite how great the Tres Hombres truly is………

Setting sail across the mighty seas
setting sail upon the majestic ocean
setting sails on the masts of the Tres Hombres

Huge love to all my people especialy M and D, B.P. and E.P

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