Tres Hombres blog: The greatest expectations for the new cargo from the west

On the road again…

Pun ki šipak, how the people in Skradin would say, is the fine ship Tres Hombres again, underway homebound on a rough Caribbean sea. Fully loaded with organic cacao for the Chocolatemakers in Amsterdam, Colombian coffee for Simon Levelt, molasses for Feinbrennerei Simon’s, great Bayan hot sauce, many other specialities from all the places we hit and for sure: precious rum from La Palma, Barbados, Marie Galante and the Dominican Republic, bound to be Tres Hombres limited editions for this year.

Our new trainees arrived soon after us in Boca Chica and so could spend 2 weeks of preparing the ship and loading the cargoes in a relaxed way, getting to know a bit of the local hospitality and the open hearted appearance of the Dominicans. Almost every evening the presidente was shared around on deck, many times with people not noted on the crewlist…also the beach at swimming distance on La Piedra was home of a good barbecue with conversations and acrobatics around the fire. A fine time we passed in Boca Chica, also thanks to the football shirts from our friend Andre from La Paz in Porto.

And the Portwine! Soon it made the round through the authorities that there is an amazing wine onboard of that pirate ship…but where from?
As we age our carefully selected Tres Hombres Rum in our own barrels during the voyage at sea, we also choose which barrels we use. This year, with the help of our friend and client Anton Mann, we could get a number of Port barrels, directly loaded in Porto and still with some Late Vintage Tawny Port inside! Just to keep the barrels wet, as you might know…what a fantastic surprise when it turned out to be the finest Portwine, approved now officially for sailors use.

After filling the barrels at Oliver & Oliver in Santo Domingo, they finally arrived the day before leaving. Rum aged for 18 years in their solera, given the final touch by a Cuban Masterblender, will now move restlessly for months in their wooden houses, where the Portwine penetrated the oak deeply and all the bags of cacao and coffee form an insulation around the barrels so the angels will not drink to much of it. The next surprise will follow the day we open these barrels again…I will let you know;-)

For the meantime you can wish us fair winds and following seas and wait with the greatest expectations for the new cargo from the west, sailing on a good ship with a fine crew,

all the best

Captain Andreas

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