Tres Hombres blog: Put on your traveller shoes…..

Put on your traveller shoes…
Some people said: the crew is becoming positively mad with this very low wind, rolling boat, waiting for the breeze , I would say: here we are ”no mad”.
With the ink of my pencil , I am writing this few lines, as for stopping the time, tell to myself what I feel and what is revealing itself. Put on the paper revealing dreams taken from a slowdowned motion for a little moment. Over there I should waiting for a bus, running after a furious cat, research a hidden rat, bring it back a car somewhere else, disturbing under way by hazards. Any stories and her components in my dreams can be transposed here and now, most of the time it is coincidence.

Here it is a ship, a ship who is giving to you an answer when she wants, because of her character. Since a couple of days, our hull doesn’t want to go to Eyemouth and she has an ally: the weather. As she knows in advance that, this goal is useless to reach. You know, one of the Tres Hombres cooks told me: the voyage that we are doing is in an unconscious agreement with the energy of the ”driver”. If certain people find out a message on it, listen to it and to go hand in hand. Some others don’t find out, are not here and forget themselves.
When you are joined to the ship and merge, ours hands grabbing, with a salty wild mood, the rough infinite ropes which give hard skin, brown with the sun and tar, shiny with linseed oil.
I mean everything is connecting and reacting together: one side you’re easing, the other side you tighten. Everywhere it’s triangulation, balance. Body and boat there are no places which are forgotten to avoid breaking stuff, breaking body; you’re trying to be aware. Funny to see on deck people looking to the sky 20 m higher to find THE good rope, this one you have in you’re hand.

This morning at 5 ocloc’k I would like to share this hot chocolate then I choose to be cosy in nest of sails during the anchor watch. On the horizon the fire from the sun rises and is born. Behind, waves rumble gently on the beach, from below comes the smell of the bread browning in the oven and all around a cobweb of halyards, sheets ready to be set.
What a black beauty with her red heart, round welcoming shape and sharp stem post. I appropriate this ship a little and then she takes me with all her soul. In conscience of a sharing happiness birds are laughing, dolphins jumping high and a whale turned around us. When I am here I feel reassured, I am at home.
Something unique on board is we are all strangers for few days in the beginning and quickly becoming a team and we are recognizing each ocher for ever.

See you then…..

ps: That’s it, I commanded my first tacking without captain.

second mate Anne-Flore Gannat

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