Tres Hombres blog from Shimra: And so, the legend is true

And so, the legend is true : from Den Helder to Douarnenez in 3 days. Just puke 3 times, wish, and you’re there.

After tacking like crazy to leave the Wadden Sea, to the sounds of horns and fire works from our loved ones on the dijk , NE winds carried us at 12 knots all the way down the English Channel, North Sea is serving her waves and Tres Hombres surfing them gracefully.
The new crew is quickly forming, getting comfy in the rigging and with each other, watching each others backs and Iam again amazed by how fast the sea shapes a group.
As for me, with one hand on the helm and puking over the stern railing, being weak but feeling strong, all shore doubts washed away, as we lay to sleep at anchor by Douarnenez after some not so gracefull parking manouvers, I feel another magical journy has already began.

2nd mate Shimra

position 48 05.895 N 4 18.967 W

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