The wind is decreasing (By Captain Anne-Flore Gannat)

The swell is getting big. The sun tries to appear with rainbow touches.
The sea is wearing an undescriptive ocean blue and the foam is whispering after our passage.

We passed some cargo ships sailing through Gibraltar. Two of them actually told us they wanted to alter course without knowing that we are a sailing vessel under sails. They were suprised, yes we do that nowadays throwing ourselves in this gigantic and strong nutshell. Now, between Madeira and Morocco, it sounds exotic.

About 4 p’clock this morning the main stay sail is settled back and I had the feeling that the main sail needed some attention as well. So it decided to open it’s seam. 60 cm to restitch by hand, some caresses. I wanted it to stay in one piece for a few more days to help us to sail further south.

Here is a world where we fix the stuff when wood, rope, metal, fabric are about to break. We needed all. Make-up doesn’t last too long…
Each watch has it’s routine with sweets and sandwich habits to refuel bodies and minds.

We are flying a FT flag on top of the mast … not that we are expecting to attract the attention of the public around for commercial reasons, but only to see where the wind comes from up there. It’s hanging brave on the sticks for miles and miles now. In calm or in the storms, it is there, used by the UV, the salty sprays and the undisturbed air. Soon we will see only an “I” left of this flag.

Little celebration on board today for the Dutch citizens: SinterKlaas. Thanks Sabine and Joop to have provided chocolate letters the day we left Den Helder. You made 15 sailors super happy even, if half of us don’t celebrate this day usually.

We are ready for more whales by the way…


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