The truckdriver strike was above all our power

DATE:12-07 GMT:20.12 POS:14.08 N,75.14 W COG:355 SOG:7


After some time being in Columbia we are proceeding our way over the Caribbean Sea.
Big warm waves crushing on our bow, giving even the wheelman sometimes a salty shower.

We were about two weeks in Santa Marta, exploring for organic coffee in the Sierra Nevada.
We came, for example, in contact with an organization, which is helping small farmers and indigenous people
who are producing organic coffee. Delicious coffee is growing in the middle of the rain-forest and no trees
needed to be cut down. An amazingly beautiful piece of earth, which can be saved by stimulating small organic farmers.
Also, we were waiting for five tons of coffee to be our cargo. Unfortunately this coffee never
arrived the port of Santa Marta. The truck-drivers and their union were having a big strike against the government in their country. Good for the truckdrivers, not so good for us, the producer and the cargo-owner.
Their was even an option of a small transport just ignoring the strike. Their was only no driver to volunteer, fearing to lose his life by doing so. The truckdriver strike was above all our power.

This was our first time in Columbia and we made a lot of contacts and friends. People came by to play music
and we were invited in town by the local people. Off course, for the authorities, we were in the beginning a suspicious sailing boat. But with a lot of paperwork and stamps, talking and some good help we managed to convince them what Fairtransport is really about. They just never saw a sailing cargo ship in the harbor, except for a century ago.

All together we left a good impression in Santa Marta and we brought some samples of one of the best coffee in the world. Tasting this coffee we would like to share with you, when we are back on the European continent.

For now, we are heading North on our way to Dominican Republic. The cargo is already waiting there, and we could even take some more, since we have a little space left.
The wind is slowly decreasing , so we can set some more sails again.
By the wind we move; Tres Hombres is performing on her best.

Captain Lammert





SEA STATE:moderate/rough




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