The First Miles – by Captain Lammert Osinga

We departed Den Helder the 26th of September, after an almost two year refit.
A lot of people came to Willemsoord, Den Helder that Saturday morning, to wave us goodbye.
With a crew of nine people we went to sea and set sails for the first time, after the ship was renamed from Nordlys4 to Nordlys.
Everybody was excited how she was sailing. The weather forecast was good for going south.
We knew, we would encounter some surprises during her Maidentrip, and so we did.
First surprise was that the complete Tres Hombres crew came by with the “Christoffel”, to bring us a spare sail and to wave us goodbye.
Second, when we were about 10 miles out, the customs and military police came by and checked the whole ship.
Everything was fine; they couldn’t find any immigrants.
We started with a smooth northerly wind, which slowly became more and more.
The direction was good and when we were making more speed the ship started making a bit of water.
No big surprise, this is normal for wooden ships after a long period of harbor stay.
Because of this we decided to go to Brixham, where we could dry in the harbor and do some caulking and other jobs on the ship.
The Nordlys was sailing very nice and behaved very good in the waves.
After a week of work and rest in Brixham we are about to carry on to Douarnenez to unload our first cargo. Rum for France.
The weather forecast is looking good and we are expecting a smooth sail over.

All the best from Nordlys.



nordlys 1 014

nordlys 1 045

nordlys 1 079

nordlys 1 090


pictures © Lammert Osinga / Fairtransport

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