pictures: © Capt. Lammert & crew – Fairtransport

I came to Douarnenez, ready to go sailing on the Nordlys. On my way, I heard the bad news about the accident that happened to her. When I arrived in Douarnenez I found the ship with a broken aft, standing on the dry dock. The crew was sitting on the deck and didn’t know what was going to happen for the next weeks or even months. After a few days of dealing with the paper work, the repairs started. It was good to see her becoming better again.

So the days past, and of course we didn’t just stay on the wharf. We also went in town and that was a very good experience. Nearly all the people in town had heard about the accident and we got support from every side. People came by, giving us apples from their garden, home made cidre and wine, some were baking cakes for us. But not just that, they were also supporting us mentally. People came by talking, asking and showing interest in the whole project. We could come sailing with a small boat for the weekend. Also one day we have been helping picking apples at a small farm on the countryside. From these apples they are making a very nice apple juice.

One day, by surprise, the Dutch sailing vessel Morgenster, dropped her anchor in the bay of Douarnenez, and we were invited for a dinner on board.

Now after four weeks the Nordlys is back in the water. We have a nice place in the inner harbor. Here the reparations still continue.

A lot of cars honk when they pass us. Still people coming by and ask us how things are going. When we go in town it’s like living here for a long time. We have made friends here as well. If I go to the bar, I have to shake ten hands before I come inside.

I think the world is ready for the way of life we are trying to live. Spending time here in Douarnenez shows that again to me. People want to have a community that takes care of each other and comes away from materialistic behavior.

Thank you Douarnenez. Merci Beaucoup.


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