We almost smell land and land will smell us!

DATE:06102016 GMT:1924 POS:46 59.6 N, 22 45.9 W COG:063 SOG:6

We almost smell land and land will smell us.

Today we made some good speed going west. We maintained 10 knots average for about 12 hours. We started to tar the rigging to preserve what is there. And yes some of us get tarred on. For sure we will smell when we are in safe harbor. The smell is distinct and belongs to a working ship. And that is what we are. And this is what we are doing. Hauling cargo under sail for a living, a statement, for some a lifestyle, for some an adventure. Proud to be part of a crew of sailors that make this all possible for me right now. For my love ones at home I will be back soon. I miss you both very much.

Captain Arjen van der Veen

Europe, here we come by Eelco

DATE: 03-10-16 GMT: 18-26 POS: 42-38.2 N, 31-08.8 W COG:110 SOG: 2.4
Op 3 april van dit jaar,  vandaag dus precies 6 maanden geleden, monsterde ik samen met vele anderen in Den Helder, aan op de Tres Hombres. In die zes maanden hebben we een fantastische, onvergetelijke reis gemaakt. Die reis voerde ons langs vele eilanden en kusten, door hitte en kou, door droogte en enorme regen- en onweersbuien. Van de oorspronkelijke bemanning zijn er nog maar drie over: Lesley de kok, Ernst en ik. We zijn in die tijd familie geworden, een familie waar steeds mensen bij kwamen en vertrokken. En nu zijn we onderweg naar Europa. En het gaat hard, vaak uren achter elkaar 9 a 10 knopen. Vandaag hebben we een rustige dag, ‘slechts’ 7 knopen, een snelheid waar we op andere trajecten slecht van konden dromen. We naderen daarmee met rasse schreden het einde van deze transatlantische rondreis. Europe, here we come.

Eelco Aartsen,
3 oktober 2016

WIND DIR & SPD: Westerlies 15 Knots, Expected to back to SW.
CLOUDS: 4/8 Cumulus and Stratus, mostly sunny.
SEA STATE: 2.5m North-Westerly swell.
AIR PRES: 1019 hPa
WEBLOG by Eelco

Free Town is calling!



Message from Free Town:

It was you, wasn’t it, who wanted ​to sail along, ​being a trainee on the good ship​ Tres Hombres ?​
You regret you couldn’t make up your mind?
You wanted to sail along but couldn’t find someone to feed the cat?
You wanted to take a sabbatical but were convinced it would become a mess at your job when you left?​

So, now, here you are.
Reading the stories.
In front of your ​’window to the world’.
And you are sorry now.

But, light up..
We saved you a​ place, you can still come along!

Join C​aptain François, his crew and your fellow trainees and make some new memories!

Sign in and come aboard​!
Next legs are open for booking;

Douarnenez, France – Santa Cruz, La Palma
Santa Cruz, La Palma – Boca Chica, Dom. Rep
Boca Chica, Dom. Rep – Horta, Acores
Horta, Acores – Amsterdam, Netherlands

For more info check: Break a leg
or contact Sabine at: booking@fairtransport.nl

Good food and a happy crew!

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Good food and a happy crew!

We are looking for someone to cook healthy food for the Nordlys crew until the end of August! Location: “Turtuga House” , Den Helder, Netherlands


In September Tres Hombres will get her refit done in Den Helder. There is a cook on board but he needs a extra hand while cooking for a big (refit)crew ( about > 30 persons )

If you want to help contact Gerrit at crew@fairtransport.nl