Tres Hombres events 2015

After a trip of eight months, sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres will be back in Amsterdam again. Fully loaded with Tres Hombres Rum, Grenada chocolate bars, Cocoa for the Amsterdam Chocolate Makers, Aloë Vera and much more!!



Twenty four barrels of Tres Hombres Rum will be unloaded in Amsterdam this year! Last year we’ve received an award and we’re sure this year the rum will even be better! Stay tuned!!


5th of June 2015

Fairtransport Market

Starts at 13:00
Location: Aambeeldstraat 10, Amsterdam

A lot of the companies who shipped cargo with us will be presenting their goods! Come and have a look yourself!

tres hombres aft-

6th until 9th of June

Open Ship

Time: 11:00 until 17:00
Location: IJkantine, Mt. Ondinaweg 15, Amsterdam

Visit the ship and meet the crew! Have a look in the galley, focs’l, chartroom and hear the exciting stories of the crew.

Lammert by

5th of June 2015

Time: 15:00
Location: Hotel Goudfazant Amsterdam

Help us to unload the cocao beans bound for the Amsterdam chocolate makers so they can make the famous Tres Hombres chocolate bars again!!


6th of June

Time: 9:00 (AM)
Location: IJkantine, Amsterdam

Get your bike ready! The chocolate bars of the Grenada chocolate company are being transported to the stores by bikes! You can join sign on at

tres hombres - grayhound by peter hunt

tres hombres – grayhound by peter hunt

10th of June

See you soon!

Location: IJkantine, Mt. Ondinaweg 15, Amsterdam

Tres Hombres will sail towards next horizons and fresh cargo again. Join us waving her goodbye and wishing her fair winds and save travel..

Due weather we’ll sail to Enkhuize the 11th of June

11th of June

Open ship in Enkhuizen

Tres Hombres will stay for a day in the beautiful town of Enkhuizen, Netherlands, just for one day..
Make sure you visit her when you are around!

tres hombres

13th of June

The circle is round

Today Tres Hombres will arrive back in Den Helder. The place where she left from 9 months ago. We’ll have a little celebration to welcome her back starting at 15:00 at Willemsoord 73 Den Helder

Coming up…

Visit Tres Hombres in Zaandam During Sail 2015, 19th until 23rd of August.   Check website Sail Amsterdam

Something to think about…

There is a place for you available to sail along
From Den Helder to Douarnenez
June 14th until the 25th 2015


Tight schedule


(picture Ilse Kootar – The rigging team at work)


[one_half_last]​The masts are on their place and our rigging team is working hard to put all running and standing rigging on it’s place.
A great job done by some amazing people!

Lucy and Dirk are finishing the last steelwork to strengthen the old frames of Nordlys.

And we just received some nice artist impressions of the Nordlys sail- , deck- , belowdeckplans. To see them have a look at



[one_half]During the last week our woodworkers discovered some less exciting things. After rebuilding about half the boat they discovered another rotten spot. Extra work to be done for our great crew and a refit-schedule which is now a little too tight.

To be sure this old lady will sail the seas safely, we have decided to postpone the start of Nordlys her career as Sailing Cargo Vessel. This means she will set sail again ​the end of May 2015

​ – We will keep you posted about the exact date!


(picture Ilse Kootar – Serious business for the woodworkers)


Crossing the ocean 4 times a year..


map world summer 2016



map world winter 2015-2016


Dear landlubbers, sailors & salty shellbacks,

Because Tres Hombres has more cargo to carry than she can carry during one Atlantic circumnavigation,  she will be sailing around the Atlantic Ocean twice next year !

The last years we’ve been working together with some amazing people and (small) businesses to fill up the cargohold of Tres Hombres. We’ve come to the conclusion that there is a lot more Fair Cargo to carry in a Fair Transport way across the Ocean.And that is what we will do!!

Until we’ve found / build a bigger Clipper Ship (more about this you’ll hear beginning of 2015), Tres Hombres will be sailing to the Carribean twice a year to pick up rum, chocolate, tea, cocao, and lots more. You can move your products with us or sail along with the ship >> check

Check our schedules for more information! or Click here to Download


A few the companies who shipped their product with Tres Hombres already..


rosforth & rosforth

olde ambeacht Authentiek gerookt op terschelling



xisto wines bristol

Tres Hombres Austria - Sellers of our Fairtransport products in Austria


new dawn



rum bottles

Sail Along crossing the Atlantic

[one_third]winter leg 3

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Eastward crossing of the Atlantic ocean

The Eastward crossing of the Atlantic ocean is an experience you will never forget. Sailing towards the Azores we are sure you will see and hear the whales and dolphins playing around the ship. This trip will make you a real sailor with enough experience in sailing during all kind of weather circumstances!

Date signing on: Mar 1st 2015
Date signing off: Apr 4th

Boca Chica, Dom. Rep – ETD Mar 1st 2015

Horta, Acores – ETD Apr 9th 2015

Kinsale Ireland- ETD Apr 30st 2015

Falmouth, Uk


pictures by [pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”TRES HOMBRES auf dem Weg von Setubal nach La Palma” type=”image” alt=” 2014-11-Setubal-La-Palma 191.jpg” pe2_large_limit=”false” pe2_auto_clear=”false” pe2_gal_order=”1″ pe2_single_image_size=”s600″ ] [pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”TRES HOMBRES auf dem Weg von Douarnenez nach Setubal” type=”image” alt=”2014-11-Douarnenez-Setubal-191.jpg” pe2_large_limit=”false” pe2_auto_clear=”false” pe2_gal_order=”1″ pe2_single_image_size=”s600″ ] [pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”TRES HOMBRES auf dem Weg von Douarnenez nach Setubal” type=”image” alt=” 2014-11-Douarnenez-Setubal 199.jpg” pe2_large_limit=”false” pe2_auto_clear=”false” pe2_gal_order=”1″ pe2_single_image_size=”s600″ ]

Drifting along

DATE: 19.06.14 GMT: 0613 POS: 51-45.7N, 2-18.5E COG: 41 SOG: 2.0


[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”DSC_0137.JPG” ]
WIND DIR: Northerly

WIND SPD: less than 5 knots

CLOUDS: 0/8, sunny




AIR PRES: 1023

Drifting in the north sea with no wind. Beautiful morning and nice breakfast 🙂