What are the benefits of transporting emission free?

Transporting Emission Free (Guaranteed 90% CO2 Reduction) allows you to complete the link in your otherwise sustainable product; shipping organic, hand crafted wine on a massive, oil-driven motor ship does not. A sustainable investment in a partnership.

You are also able to use the “A Class” Label, advertising your efforts & commitment to the environment. Also, the ship will promote your cargo while in port, including tastings, dock-side events and during interviews.

How much cargo can I transport?

You may transport anything from a simple letter up to 35 tons. However, there is a price schedule based on reduction by volume.

Where can the ship go for my cargo?

Currently the Tres Hombres will go anywhere in Europe for a large cargo. She routinely travels to Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Norway, Spain & Portugal. Traveling south, she will stop on islands along the way, including the Canaries & the Cape Verde Island groups. Northern Brasil & the entire Caribbean Sea are her playground. Heading back North, she will stop in Bermuda & the Azores. Please contact us today about a cargo in or outside of this route, as wel are always looking to expand to new ports world wide.

Can I promote my company onboard?

Absolutley! We are proud of our cargo partners, and love to promote their high quality products. We will happily fly a banner for you or do interviews on your behalf.

Can Fairtransport transport my product on a regular basis?

Currently Fairtransport operates the Tres Hombres on a yearly basis. This means that she completes an entire route once a year. (Europe – Caribbean – Europe.) Right now, in Den Helder, we are restoring a second engineless cargo vessel (Welcome to the Club, Nordlys!). This ship will offer a compete trade route three times a year in European waters. Learn more about Nordlys here.

How are prices calculated?

Prices are based on the “ton/mile” unit. In addition to a base handeling fee, we count how much cargo you are transporting (by weight or volume.) and how far your product must travel. (Nautical Miles). The fee schedule operates on a reduction by volume standard.

Must I arrange customs documents?

For each port we enter, the Tres Hombres has a Customs Broker, or Agent there to arrange the documents & details. You will need to work with our representative to sort everything out. Alternatley, some of our partners become official agents themselves.

Why is Vanuatu the flag state of Tres Hombres and Nordlys?

Vanuatu is a  “flag of convenience” , this means that the business practice of registering a merchant ship in a sovereign state is different from that of the ship’s owners, and flying that state’s civil ensign on the ship. The ship has to comply with minimum safety standards in construction, equipment and operation (IMO, SOLAS, MARPOL, STCW, ISPS, ISM etc.) Tres Hombres is registered under flag of  Vanuatu so we can still sail and be insured  without an engine and with wooden paneling under international class as a working general cargo ship.

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