Clipper ship

What will one day shine as the Crown Jewel of Fairtransport, a Clipper Ship has been designed and costed in the backrooms of Fairtransport. Our ‘Research & Development’ sector of the company has developed with external firm SailVolution, the preliminary lines drawings, specifications and business plan for this large sailing cargo ship.

The round Trip from Europe to the Caribbean has been hugely successful for carrying cargo and trainees, with each trip North having a cargo hold full of Rum, Coffee and Chocolate from the Dominican Republic.

Moving cargo completely on the elements: using solar panels, tow-generators & wind turbines for renewable energy, she depends on the strengths of those who crew her. No electric winches, roller furling or autopilot onboard enable all those lucky enough to sail her to use all their senses to successfully navigate the ship.

Each Fairtransport ship has a separate routes, each with familiar ports of call.
The unique cargos each vessel transports become a symbol of the ships contribution to sustainable transportation.
As with the iconic Tres Hombres’ Caribbean Rum, each ship of the fleet will have a signature cargo. The Clipper Ship could bring traditional Scandinavian Aquavit to the Caribbean & North America, and Nordlys could herald her history by transporting a Nordlys brand English Ale.

We are currently “cargo hunting” for special, unique, fair-trade & organic goods from around the world. The Clipper Ship will need to have a handful of cargos lined up before she begins her first voyage, and we are establishing those partnerships and agreements now.
Fairtransport is currently seeking ‘Letters of Intent’ from future cargo producers to help support our business plan.
Contact us about writing a Letter of Intent or investing in the Clipper Ship.

 The Fairtransport Clipper Ship will be a working cargo vessel, depending on the strength and will of her crew to sail the seas. She will have accommodation for 8 guests, with comfortable cabins. It is the idea that the ships’ passengers would be a vibrant group; perhaps painters, musicians, film makers or photographers, journalists and writers, scientists – political & natural, representatives of sustainable initiatives, philosophers and cargo producers.

Additionally, there will be room for up to 18 trainees. The ship will always carry trainees as it is they who will be going aloft, steering the ship, trimming the sails and loading the cargo. Trainees are the lifeblood of a square rigger; without them it would be an impossible task to manoeuvre such a ship.

Maintaining a tradition of sail training, it is planned that a proper program of learning by experience would be installed. Alongside this hands on learning of marlinspike seamanship, for those who show a keenness to learn will be taught the history of sail, the physics of sail theory as well as navigation. We hope to have a chance to work with international universities to enrich their educational programs and add substance to our environmental & oceanic teachings.

 The ships’ route is being developed and depends largely on the Letters of Intent provided to Fairtransport regarding declarations of commitment from producers & importers. If we have a committed producer in Guyana, our ship will be there – and the same offer stand for Iceland!

Generally, the Clipper Ship will operate an expanded version of the current Tres Hombres voyages in the North Atlantic Ocean, including trips to mainland North America. Contact us today about writing a ‘Letter of Intent’ to help shape our largest shipping route ever.

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