Trainee Questions

How many pairs of socks should I bring?

I (a Tres Hombres sailor!) would bring a good number of socks – wool. That goes for all your clothes: make sure to bring at least a couple of pieces which are either fleece or wool, as “cotton kills”. Cotton (such as Jeans!) absorb water and hold onto it, making you very cold for a very long time.  You will always be colder on the water than on the land, so take this into account.

Even in the Caribbean it can get quite chilly. Be sure to bring a light jacket for the night time, and long sleeve shirts to help block out the sun.

Remember, you are truly exposed to the elements when sailing. Be sure to read our reccommended pack list here.

How may I pay?

We prefer account transfers, however we do accept cash or online credit cards transactions. We do not accept cheques or card transactions in person.

Must I arrange visa documents and vaccinations?

Yes. Visas, passports and documents for your travel are up to you to arrange. We reccomend you contact your consulate for accurate information. The captain will require these documents before you enbark onboard.

What if the ship is early or late?

Our office tracks the ship at all times, and we are able to give you up to date information as the ship nears port. We reccommend waiting until closer to your date of embarkation to solidify your travel plans.

How do I do my washing?

While underway in colder climates (Norther Europe) there is not a way to wash clothes; these trips are shorter and the crew will arrange a launrdy facility  when in port.

In warmer climates, such as the Caribbean, the crew often swims or do their washing on deck in barrels in addition to having a facility arranged in port.

Do the crew cater to food allergies or dietary requirements?

Vegetarian or even Vegan meals next to meat dishes are often the norm onboard. The galley on Tres Hombres is too small to make “high-maintenance” or “special” meals; with no fridge or running water this would be unreasonable. Talk to us beforehand about any special requirements or allergies you may have.

Will I have a private room?

The Captain & Mates have private cabins; all other areas are shared. There are two double cabins, as well as a “fo’c’sle” which hold eight bunks.

Is there internet or phone reception onboard?

When more than a mile or two away from land there is no phone reception – and there is never wifi or “normal” internet onboard, although when in port the crew can often arrange for a marina internet code to have access onboard.

The ship maintains contact with land through a VHF radio system, and in any emergency situation there is always a satellite telephone available.

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