Van der Lem – Cider

Van der Lem – Cider

Van Der Lem

shipping cider from Douarnenez to Den Helder

Cider Bound for liqour store “Van der Lem”

Nordlys has shipped her first cargo to Den Helder. The cargo existing out of organic Cider from France arrived safely after a really swift passage from Douarnenez, France to Den Helder, Netherlands.

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Cornouaille cider

This Cornouaille cider has a brilliant golden yellow colour, with fruity aromas of apples, peaches and honey.

The taste is balanced between a soft attack, a nice amplitude and a subtly bitter finish.

It is a cider of connoisseurs and goes wonderfully well with Breton food.
General Agricultural Competition – Paris:
Gold medal in 2004 and 2005
Bronze medal in 2006 and 2010.

Festival de Cornouaille – Quimper:
Gold medal in 2006
Silver medal in 2008 and 2009
Bronze medal in 2010

Concours de Fouesnant:
Gold medal in 2006
Silver medal in 2005 and 2009

Brut farm-produced cider

Brut and lighter than the PDO Cornouaille cider, this one is ideal for grills, pancakes (in France we prefer the term ‘crêpes’) or just for a refreshing break.

Concours de Fouesnant:

Bronze medal in 2005 & 2006
Gold medal in 2009

Received the gold trophy for the Breton Gastronomy in 2005

Ethical project of the Cidrerie Melenig

The Melenig cider factory’s goal is to support a sustainable business. We believe that the human being only blossoms by developing quality relationships with nature, with the older generations and with people around him today. Therefore, special care on these three areas is taken. Some of the actions needed to fulfill our goal are realized, and the remainder will be done in the medium-to-long term.

Connection to nature

Our cider factory is located in a region characterized by different natural and man-made landscapes: plateaux, hills, valley bottoms, orchards, wet meadows. To enhance and make durake this natural wealth, we are working on several aspects:

– Producing enough quality apples to ensure an independent supply for the cider factory,
– Limiting pollution: excluding chemical inputs (organic certification), processing the cider factory’s sewages and limiting the energy consumption (manual fruit collection, limitation of treatment with copper, bottle recycling),
– Increasing biodiversit: by protecting woodland areas and embankments and maintaining the orchards’ ground cover,
– Protecting the natural beauty of the landscape,
– Developing the human-nature relationship.

Seaforth Chocolate

Seaforth Chocolate

Seaforth Chocolate

shipping Cocoa from the Carib to England

Shipping route

Seaforth choclate

Sail shipped chocolate

from bean to bar

Seaforth Chocolate Co. makes small batch chocolate from single origin cacao beans we source in the Caribbean. We have direct fair relationships with cacao producers. Our friends at Fairtransport Shipping . brings all our cacao beans back to England entirely reliant on the wind and ocean currents. At our factory we hand select the finest whole cocoa beans for low temperature roast profiles. After winnowing, cocoa nibs are refined in large stone grinders and then tempered into Seaforth Chocolate.

Les barriques D’Olivier Cousin sur Le Tres Hombres

Les barriques D’Olivier Cousin sur Le Tres Hombres

Le Chargement des 2 barriques D’Olivier Cousin baptisées “Atlantic Ocean Cousin ” sur le “Tres Hombres” à Douarnenez. Merci Juke!

Loading the barrels of Olivier Cousins’ wine  “Atlantic Ocean Cousin”!  Thanks for sharing Juke!


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Pictures © Juke le Maout

Rosforth and Rosforth wine

Rosforth and Rosforth wine

Rosforth and Rosforth

shipping wine from Douarnenez to Copenhagen

Shipping route 2015

Tres Hombres June 30th 2015 7:32:44 PM

Tres Hombres 1st of July 2015 3:59:06 PM

Tres Hombres 1st of July 08.14.51 PM

Tres Hombres 2nd of July 2015 2:42:29 AM

Tres Hombres 2nd of July 2015, 3:17:12 PM

Tres Hombres 7/5/2015, 12:03:36 AM

Tres Hombres 7/5/2015, 8:30:58 AM

Tres Hombres 7/5/2015, 2:12:52 PM

Tres Hombres 7/5/2015, 7:51:42 PM

Tres Hombres 7/6/2015, 4:04:11 AM

Tres Hombres 7/6/2015, 11:59:06 PM

Tres Hombres 7/7/2015, 8:05:12 PM

Tres Hombres 8/7/2015, 9:05:12 PM

Tres Hombres 7/10/2015, 11:24:46 AM

Tres Hombres 7/10/2015, 2:09:45 PM

Tres Hombres 7/10/2015, 8:13:36 PM

Tres Hombres 7/11/2015, 7:36:00 AM

Tres Hombres 7/11/2015, 2:43:00 PM

Tres Hombres 7/13/2015, 2:43:00 PM

Tres Hombres 7/12/2015, 8:06:16 AM

7/14/2015, 8:06:00 PM

7/15/2015, 8:50:35 AM

7/18/2015, 8:16:07 PM

7/19/2015, 8:12:59 AM

Wine Bound for Rosforth and Rosforth

 Tres Hombres has loaded 15.000 bottles of organic wine. The wine is made by Olivier Cousin who does all the work still by hand and horsedrawn wagon. The Wine is bound for Rosforth and Rosforth a great  company who imports this special wine and our Tres Hombres Rum into Denmark.

The Tres Hombres crew and friends loaded all bottles into the cargohold by hand and went on their way to Copenhagen to Rosforth and Rosforth.

Arrival of Tres Hombres Douarnenez

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 pictures by Lea Sharkley

Tres Hombres at Douarnenez loading the wine bound for Copenhagen

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pictures by TOWT

Tres Hombres passing by Brixham on their way to Copenhagen  (Pictures by Peter Hunt July 2015)

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Tres Hombres er skibet som ikke har nogen motor og derfor sejler på vindkraft. Hun blev fyldt med vin fra Loiredalen, Bourgogne og Champagne og tog afsted den 25. juni fra Bretagne. Det er 4. år hun sætter kurs mod København med vin. Vildt blæsevejr fik hende rigtig hurtigt igennem Nordsøen. Sidste melding fra Kaptajn Andreas Lackner: “-pynten ved Helsingør er krydset i zig zag mellem færgene. Alt godt!”. Knippelsbro åbner sine vinger i morgen onsdag den 15. juni kl 12 for det dejlige skib. Hun bliver kun 1 dags tid for at losse vinen. Hvis vejrforholdene er til det lader vi en del af vinen tilbage i lasten og Tres Hombres sejler det til Bornholm




17th july 2015  rosforthrosforth

Leaving 18th of July 2015  at 10 in the morning for the island of Bornholm to deliver some more wine
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18th July rosforthrosforth
The good wind makes her go 8,5 knots on the way to Gudhjem ETA Sunday morning. Wine on board for #kadeau#stammershalle#melstedbadehotel and #sabotøren yo @rasmusofkadeau
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20th of July rosforthrosforth
Unloading in the wonderful port of Gudhjem. It will hopefully become a tradition! #vinnaturel#treshombres
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Ouech Cousin 2014 is grolleau in the sunset with Captain Andreas Lackner of Tres Hombres #❤️

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