Nordlys news

As you know Nordlys has been on the slipway in France for a few weeks now.

Wednesday hte 11th of Nov 2015 she has been put back into the water again. However still staying on the trailer to be sure she is not leaking any more.
There is still lots of work to be done while she will be moored in Douarnenez. But people are working hard to get Nordlys sailing north again within a month or so..
We’ll keep you posted about her progress.

Damage on Nordlys

The whole stern of Nordlys was badly damaged due a collition with a fishing trawler while Nordlys was at anchor in Douarnenez Read more here

The pictures shown under are detailed pictures of damage done  to the hul. The pictures of the real damage to be found here

Cauling needed
Caulking needed
damage nordlys
even the door got broken

Repairs on Nordlys

During the last weeks Nordlys has been repaired. Her stern was badly damaged and the poophouse (little building for the toilet at the aft of the ship) had to get major renovation. As you can see at the pictures below a lot has been repaired and refitted and Nordlys is starting to get back in shape again. Thanks to local carpenters , steelworkers, electricians and off course her own loyal crew. The same crew who has been working on her last refit in Den Helder are working hard to make her sea worthy again. A big thank you to them!

Crew Nordlys

Nordlys back into the water

An exiting moment. Nordlys goes back into the water again. She will stay a little while on the trailer to be sure she is afloat and not leaking. After that she will be moved to a quay to get some more repairs done above the waterline.

The tug assisting Nordlys while in the water

After a short stay on the trailer of the slipway Nordlys has been “sailing” a little bit together with a tug. The tug helped Nordlys to her current spot in the harbour of Douarnenez, France.

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