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Sail A Future bags, filled with all sorts of fair goods..

Coming soon… Sail the future bags filled with amazing fair goods! Hetty van de Linden, from Paint a Future,  and her friends are working hard to get those beautiful bags done soon.

The bags are made from the sails painted by the children in the harbours Den Helder, Setubal, Brava and Boca Chica during the last trip of Tres Hombres.

More info will follow soon!

Sail A Future: Setbul,Portugal 2014 by Paulo Gloria

4 young talentfull dancers came to dance on a sail, sailed from Holland by the Tres Hombres
They danced the paint all over the sail, inspired by the dance of the hands of Tanner from South Africa.
The couloured surface was transformed into a wonderfull painting by two Dominican artists.

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