Tres Hombres Bigeye Tuna

Ocean friendly traditional fishery!

Tuna taste: Tuna Filet Natural olive oil, Tuna pieces, Albacora filet Algae, Albacora Tuna Ginger/Olive oil extra virgin, Albacora Tuna Lima/Olive oil extra virgin
Weight: 120 grams per can
Transport: 2021
Voyage: Horta, Azores to Amsterdam
Distance: 1.638 NM

 4,95 6,95

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Ocean friendly traditional fishery!

This land of volcanoes surrounded by the ocean welcomes this noble animal that has been chosen for you by wise sailors.

Gold from the seas! The full name of this Bigeye Tuna species is Thunnus Obesus and it is part of the ‘Ahi’ family. It can measure up to 2,5 meters! The original structure is secured before canning the hand-cut fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



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