Tres Hombres Pure Love 65%


  • 100% Gluten Free
  • Produced on solar energy
  • Vegan
  • Bio Fairtrade pure chocolate
  • Zero waste & free of plastic
Bio: 100%
Gluten: Free
Flavor: 65% cocoa
Weight: 85 grams
Producer: Chocolate Makers, Amsterdam
Ship: Tres Hombres
Voyage: From Boca Chica, Dominican Republic to Amsterdam
Distance: 4.142 NM
SKU: FAXX050801


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Climate friendly & organic 65% dark

Tres Hombres sails the organic cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic to Amsterdam-Noord. This is also the home of the Chocolate Makers who produce the sail-powered chocolate.

This bar pure 65% is pure love that comes with a beautiful cocoa variety and taste nuance of cherry, apricot and raisins. This taste is already naturally present in the Criollo cocoa and is expressed in this chocolate due to the light roasting, pure enjoyment.

The cocoa beans of this bar come from CooAgroNevada, a women’s cooperative in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Nature Reserve, Colombia.


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