Tres Hombres Olive Oil “Alfandagh” Organic Extra Virgin 0,75L

Extra Virgin: Yes
Acid: Max 0,1%
Content: 75 cl.
Producer: Alfandagh
Transport: 2020
Ship: Gallant
Voyage: Porto to Amsterdam
Distance: 988 NM
SKU: FA190402500


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Award-winning Organic Olive Oil sailed to Den Helder

The olives of this award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, grow on the hillside in the Alfândega da Fé Transmontana region, situated in the northeast of Portugal.

Sailing vessel Gallant sailed the precious olive oil the 988 NM to Den Helder.

The organic olives get a smooth and rich flavor due to the typically Mediterranean climate, hot & dry summers, and heavy winters.

You taste fruity, fresh aromas, with notes of apples, bananas, nuts, a little pepper, and a pleasant aftertaste.

This top-quality olive oil is best consumed raw. It perfectly accompanies fresh salads and it’s a beautiful dip with crispy baked bread.

The 750 ml glass bottle prevents the oil from direct light. It is best to store the Alfandagh protected from light in a dry place.



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