Tres Hombres Rum Ed. 25
Old Barbados 12years

Edition: 25 Mini
Content: 20 cl
Alcohol: 41% vol
Taste: strong & honest rum
Transport: 2018, 5 months
Ship: Tres Hombres
Voyage: From Bridgetown, Barbados to Amsterdam
Distance: 5.950 NM


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Old Barbados Rum sailed on the Tres Hombres 5.950 NM to Amsterdam

The ‘Tres Hombres Ed. 25 Old Barbados 12 Years’ rum, was distilled by no one less than the award-winning Richard Seale (Best Distiller, Best Rum, Best Rum Distiller) of the Foursquare Distillery in Barbados.

This rum has aged on land for 12 years in former bourbon-casks, after which it was submitted to a 5-month second aging in used Madeira-barrels in the belly of the Tres Hombres sail-powered cargo vessel while being transported to Amsterdam.

The aromas reveal a nutty undertone with a hint of oak and a sweet, full-bodied swirl of salty caramel. After two minutes outside the bottle, spicy aromas with hints of coconut and chocolate come to life. The sweet, full-bodied taste offers notes of wine, with a palate of chocolate, dark red fruit, spices and molasses.

Richard Seale has once again proven himself with this extraordinary rum, and the 5-month Atlantic crossing has added the finishing touch.


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Old Barbados 12years

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