Tres Hombres Coffee Colombia Organic 100% Arabica 250 – 500 – 1000gr

Our high-quality products are transported over the sea by engineless sailing vessels; this way we minimize our carbon footprint. We only trade with local partners who practice organic or bio-dynamic production, traditional craftsmanship, and/or have a high level of social responsibility. In our products, you taste the passion to contribute to a better world.

Producer: Cooagronevada
Weight: 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams
Origin: Santa Marta, Colombia
Roast: Medium dark roast
Roaster: Dolce Alchemia
Ship: Tres Hombres
Transport: 2019, 5 months
Voyage: from Santa Marta to Amsterdam
Distance: 4.646 NM

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Social responsible high quality coffee shipped by the power of wind

From Colombia we present high quality organic and fair trade coffee beans from our partner CooAgroNevada, a fair cooperation led by women who care for the environment and the wellbeing of the farmers. The beans grow on the mountains of Sierra Nevada, Colombia They are handpicked, carefully fermented and sun-dried.

Fairtransport and CooAgroNevada, both support environmentally sustainable production and we respect the human and ecological aspects of coffee farming.

While sipping the coffee you taste the results of hard, honest work and you become a part of our social community.

The green 100% Arabica coffee beans have crossed the ocean on the engine less sailing cargo ship Tres Hombres.

Once arrived in Amsterdam, Dolce Alchemia roasted the beans to medium/dark roast perfection. The coffee has aromas of blue and black berries.

Honest coffee just tastes better!


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