Tres Hombres Beer “Sailing ’21” 3-Pack

Sailing ’21 Barley Wine, Quadrupel, and Russian Imperial Stout, a bittersweet symphony on the tongue!

Quantity: 3-Pack Barley Wine, 3-Pack RIS, 3-Pack Quadrupel
Content: 33 cl.
Alcohol: 12,6% vol.
IBU: 98 & EBC: 55
Year: 2020-21
Producer: Berging Brouwerij
Special: Tres Hombres Rum Barrels
Minimal order quantity: 3 bottles


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Sailing ’21 Barley Wine, Quadrupel, and Russian Imperial Stout, a bittersweet symphony on the tongue!

Barley Wine 

While drinking the barley wine, your thoughts get lost on the skippers, say, pirates, who sailed the rum barrels from the Caribbean to the Netherlands on the beautiful sailing ship Tres Hombres. After emptying the rum casks, we let our heavy, traditionally brewed barleywine rest in these casks for at least 100 days.
A heavy and strong barley wine. With complex fragrance associations such as caramel, biscuit, and honey. Full of malty sweetness with flavors of fudge, ripened fruit, and a decent bitterness. Brewed with many different malts, reminiscent of caramel malts of various strengths. Fermented with a traditional Belgian yeast strain, expressing fruity esters.
Alcohol percentage 12.3%
EBC 30
IBU 40
Ingredients Water, malt, hops, caramel syrup, and yeast

With the barleywine, you know that you should drink slowly and not too much because of its extremely round body and heavy flavors from the barrel. The quadruple of this series is much more dangerous, you’re tempted to take a second one, but be warned, this increases the chance of exaggerated pirate stories. Which in itself is not a bad thing, as long as you make sure you stay on board!
The quadruple also offers flavors of fudge, caramel, and some bitterness. But also certainly the formation of fruity esters.
Alcohol percentage 11.2%
EBC 36
IBU 30
Ingredients Water, malt, hops, caramel syrup, and yeast

Russian Imperial Stout
Although the skippers would not quickly venture a sailing trip to Siberia, a Russian Imperial Stout is a beautiful beer type that can be perfectly blended with the complex flavors of the barrel. Due to the aging of at least 100 days, the beer has already had some maturation, so it is immediately ready to consume. As the pirates used to be used to heavy dark beers, you don’t have to be ashamed if you sit at home on the couch with an eye patch. With the toy sword of one of your children in the air, you fight to defeat the Russians, Cheers Aargghh…!
The beer is as black as the night can be on the open sea, forcing the skippers to sail on the stars. The flavors are reminiscent of the commercial spirit, but coffee, chocolate, and mocha are what you taste and smell while consuming. Fermented with an English yeast strain that has a neutral profile to bring out all the other flavors from the hops and malts.
Alcohol percentage 10.6%
EBC 104
IBU 62
Ingredients Water, malt, hops, salt, and yeast
Tres Hombres Series
The series of barrel-aged beers are all aged in barrels of the Tres Hombres for a minimum of 100 days. For the third year, this collaboration is the nicest and most beautiful project we are allowed to do in a year. Ready just in time for the holidays, this is an addition to any range.


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