Tres Hombres Beer
“Sailing ’19
Russian Imperial Stout”
3 or 6 pack

Quantity: 3-Pack, 6-Pack
Content: 50 cl.
Alcohol: 12% vol.
IBU: 82 & EBC: 157
Year: 2019-2020
Producer: Berging Brouwerij
Special: Beer from Tres Hombres Rum Barrels
Minimal order quantity: 3 bottles

 27,50 55,00

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Sailing ’19 Russian Imperial Stout, dark, deep and brackish beer!

Fairtransport is a big fan of circular production.

So we have started a collaboration with Dutch brewery Berging Brouwerij to give new life to our Tres Hombres Rum barrels.

This Sailing ’19 Russian Imperial Stout aged on 11-year-old Bourbon barrels and afterwards the beer enriched itself in 14-year-old Tres Hombres Rum casks.

The beer is dark, deep and brackish, with a distinctive rum taste. Truly enjoyable!


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“Sailing ’19
Russian Imperial Stout”
3 or 6 pack”

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