Texel’s Gin Ocean Aged on Tres Hombres

The story of this special gin starts on beautiful island of Texel in the north of Holland.

The combination of craftsmanship and local flavors gives the Texel TX Gin a particularly fresh, spicy, and tasteful character.

Old Wine Barrels

Refurbished French wine barrels are filled with the TX iconic gin.

The much-loved TX Gin is now aged in refurbished French oak red wine barrels. The barrels are transported by sailing ship Tres Hombres to the other side of the ocean and back

A long journey at sea gives the unique taste of our Ocean Aged TX Gin

The barrels have traveled on the Atlantic Ocean for more than eight months by sailing ship. The wave movement, the salty climate, and the Caribbean temperatures provide a mature and delicate taste, comparable to a drink that has been left on land for up to eight times longer.

After a long trip, the ocean aged gin goes directly from barrel to bottel

The undiluted version contains around 70% alcohol and is sold as a Captains Gin. This regular version has an alcohol content of 44%. Each bottle has information about the origin of the drink and contains an extensive travel report.

Edition: Ocean Aged Gin 3
Content: 70 cl
Alcohol: 44% vol
Taste: it doesn't get any better
Aged on board: 8 months in a wine barrel
Transport: 2019
Ship: Tres Hombres
Voyage: From the island of Texel in the Netherlands, a full round-trip back to Texel
Distance: 10.668 NM
Limited edition: 332 bottles
SKU: FAXX019970


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Texel’s Gin, Ocean Aged on Tres Hombres

Ocean Aged TX Gin is the exclusive Gin of Stokerij Texel. Matured in Bordeaux oak barrels and sailed from the island of Texel in the Netherlands, on sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres, to the Caribbean and back.


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