Nordlys Wine “Westerlies” Box of 3

Westerlies Wines: 2014 Souzão, 2017, Touriga & Souzão & Blend
Classification: Organic, DOC
Content: 70 cl.
Producer: Quinta Do Romeu, Portugal
Transport: 2019
Ship: Nordlys
Voyage: From Porto to Den Helder
Distance: 988 NM
SKU: FA19030475


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3 Beautiful local Portuguese wines with DOC classification

In 2019 Nordlys brought back home the finest selection of local Douro red wines of the years 2014 and 2017.

This handpicked and organic wines with a DOC certification, the highest classification for Portuguese wines.

All three wines are fresh & complex, with a scent of forest fruits, flowers and spices.

Fresh and berry on the palate, lively, well balanced, with soft tannins.

In the box you find a combination of the 3 wines.


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