Tres Hombres Rum Ed. 11
La Palma Ron Joven

Edition: 11
Content: 70 cl
Alcohol: 45% vol
Taste: sweet & spicy
Transport: 2017, 5 months
Ship: Tres Hombres
Voyage: La Palma to Amsterdam
Distance: 8.590 NM
SKU: FA16110


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La Palma Ron Joven, the youngest of Tres Hombres Rum family

This rum was distilled by family-owned business Destilerias Aldea (1936), they stand for the unquestionable symbols of quality, craftsmanship & tradition.

The main ingredient of this rum is the organic sugar cane. This grows on the windy hills at the north-east side of La Palma, La Isla Bonita of the Canaries. The cane is harvested in May 2015, fermented and distilled shortly after. This fresh and spicy rum rests a few months at the distillery in 80-year old, wood fired copper kettles.

The still white liquor is filled into white oak barrels and joined the Tres Hombres in November 2015 for a voyage of 5 months over the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, this voyage gives the rum a smooth and well-balanced taste, delicious!

The rum’s nose is very pronounced and sweet-spicy for a young rum. The taste of the rum is very distinct for its kind, which clearly shows the fullness of sugar cane. The finish is nice, warm and long.

 This young rum is delicious to drink pure, and it is also fantastic for cocktails. While drinking, check out the design! The Joven has a red-billed chough onto the label, a bird who likes a clean environment and flies between the Islands of the archipelago.

1 review for Tres Hombres Rum Ed. 11
La Palma Ron Joven

  1. Annelien De Bruin

    Beautiful in an honest Cuba Libre!

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