Best of 2 worlds comfort box

A selection of the finest Westerlies red wines combined with our delicious chocolate.

Chocolate: 40% sea-salt & 75% roasted cocoa
Tres Hombres: Dominican Republic to Amsterdam, 9688 NM
Westerlies Wine: 2014 Souzão, 2017, Touriga & Souzão & Blend
Nordlys: Porto to Den Helder, 988 NM
Content Box: 3 Bottles of Westerlies Red Wine 2 bars of Chocolate
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Did you know that Chocolate & Wine are both aphrodisiacs?

Here we combine the best of Fairtransport in a box: Tres Hombres Chocolate from the Dominican Republic and Nordlys Westerlies Red Wine from Portugal! A true sensation of flavors in the mix. These organic products taste even better with the knowledge that they’re transported by wind, so super climate friendly! While pairing this chocolate and wine you directly support the maintenance of the ships Tres Hombres and Nordlys. Ain’t that sweet? In the box you find:

Tres Hombres Chocolate
Tres Hombres transports without an engine organic cocoa beans from Dominican Republic to the port in Amsterdam-Noord, where to Chocolate Maker produce their finger-licking good chocolate.

  • Tres Hombres Chocolate 40% Oak Roasted Sea-salt
  • Tres Hombres Chocolate 75% Roasted Cocoa Nibs

Nordlys Wine “Westerlies”
In 2019 Nordlys brought back home the finest selection of Douro red wines of the year 2014 and 2017. You taste a selection of handpicked and organic wines
with a DOC certification, the highest classification for Portugese wines. All 3 the wines are with a scent of forest fruits, flowers and spices and fresh & complex on the tongue with berry on the palate, lively, well balanced, with soft tannins.In the box you find:

  • Nordlys Wine “Westerlies” DOC Douro 2014 Souzão
  • Nordlys Wine “Westerlies” DOC Douro 2017 Touriga & Souzão
  • Nordlys Wine “Westerlies” DOC Douro 2017 Blend

Fun fact! Did you know wine and chocolate have another similarity? They’re both considered to contain a high amount of antioxidants.



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