Tres Hombres Rum Ed. 13
Barbados Old Bajan VIII

Content: 70 cl
Alcohol: 43,1% vol
Transport: Tres Hombres, 2016
Distance: 4.830 NM
Voyage: From Barbados to Amsterdam
Limited edition: 3.500 bottles


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Barbados Old Bajan VIII, a surprisingly sweet & spicy rum

This brilliant Old Bajan Rum is made from Caribbean organic molasses and the purest spring water filtered by the corals of Barbados softens the taste. It is distilled by Foursquare Distillery in Barbados, the Seale family’s experience in rum making dates back to the 1820’s.

The day before filling up the barrels with this 8 year old rum, the casks still contain biodynamic wine from the Loire valley. This makes the finish of this old Bajan surprisingly spicy and gives it an unique character.

The rocky voyage in the belly of the Tres Hombres gives the finishing touch. The rum gets a smooth taste during the 5 month travel from Barbados to Amsterdam.

No sugar, caramel or additives were added to this rum, which makes it a honest, strong and very fine Caribbean rum.

The Bajan rum has a complex nose full of aromas. On the tongue the rum is celebration of harmonious sweet and spicy tones because of the French wine. The finish is powerful, you can enjoy the sweet and spicy tones. A emission free rum to enjoy!


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Barbados Old Bajan VIII”

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