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“Fleet of cargo sailing ships unites under Fairtransport flag.”


Brigantine Tres Hombres made her maiden voyage in 2009 to the climate conference in Copenhagen. Since then, year after year she has been sailing down to the West indies and up to Europe, hauling  precious cargoes of cacao, coffee, tea, rum, spices and more. Leaving in her wake: no emissions, and just the wind, for the next ship to use…  Now, those next ships are here, and being united. Since last year the beautifull newly built lugger Grayhound is trading with cargo, the famous cargo schooner Avontuur is being refitted in Germany as we speak and the ancient (built in 1873) wooden trawler Nordlys is making ready to set sail with cargo again, this summer. The owners of all these ships have now officially agreed to unite under and be promoted by the flag of Fairtransport.


This agreement is one of the final outcomes of meetings in Falmouth with several shipowners, cargo owners, agents and brokers, where both Grayhound and Tres Hombres where docked together earlier this year. Concretely it will mean that Fairtransport shipping will coordinate the cargo jobs she is offered, between the different ships. This will finally make it possible for cargo owners to be served in a wider area of operations. Tres Hombres will take care of trans Atlantic shipments. Grayhound is destinied for a variable trading area reaching from the English Channel troughout the coastlines of the whole Atlantic ocean region. Avontuur is bound for Australia and will take cargoes to all destinations in between. Nordlys will be trading in all coastal routes in European waters.


All parties involved are excited to work together. Freya Hart of Grayhound is explaining: “Onboard Grayhound we are passionate about treading as lightly as possible on our planets resources. This is our first year delivering cargo and with the help of Fairtransport becoming our agent we feel we have the best chance of succeeding.” Also Capt. Cornelius Bockermann of Avontuur states: “We were convinced, if we were going to make a real difference we needed to merge the relationship between trade and environmental preservation.  For this reason we are excited about partnering with Tres Hombres and the Fairtransport team in pursuit of these common values.” Jorne Langelaan co founder of Fairtransport adds: “We’ll start working together with several organisations, ship- and cargo owners to create a worldwide network for sustainable transport over sea”.
From this week on information about the different ships can be found on the website. Entrepreneurs interested in sending their cargoes sustainably over sea, or individuals wanting to join as trainee or crewmember on one of the ships are being invited.



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