Nylander cheese

The crew of Tres Hombres received a donation just before they left with sailing cargo vessel Tres Hombres for her 6th Atlantic roundtrip. 30 kg of Cheese donated by “De Nylander” a cheesefarm in Workum, Netherlands.

“De Nylander” is a family owned farmsince 1990. In 1997 Matti en Henk Hogendoorn started making cheese at the farm. In 2002 the farm got the ECO label and after 7 years of eco farming, the Bokma Faimly took over. They are now running the Nyalander farm and the organic farm “It Heidenskip”. With a lot of attention the Bokma family creates pure, organic cheese which really tasteful! The process of Nylander Cheesemaking takes a lot of care and devotion. Nylander cheese is a quality product!

The crew of Tres Hombres is enjoying the cheese. A big thanks to the Bokma Family and their Nylander cheese! Please visit their website and / or the farm! www.nylander.nl

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