There is this old saying; “Ship and Men, Rot in Port”.…. For us it is time to go to back to sea.
Although Douarnenez is a beautiful place to be and the people are truly nice over here, now it is going to be time to cast of the lines and set sail. We have to transport precious products with the wind.

The reason of our long stay in Douarnenez, is one I do not wish to overcome to other sailors. For me, being a skipper for some years, this is the first “crazy” accident that happened to me and to the ship. Something I hope will never happen again. Not to me and not to any other sailor as well.

Hard working and tired fishermen at sea, can become a nightmare.  The struggle with the insurance companies is another one, which follows. Because of insurance companies, we were hardly allowed to work on the damage ourselves. We, with Fair Transport, already try to make the world of transport a bit more in the natural way.  Perhaps it is time to slightly convert the insurance system as well. Into one, which is “really” helping people in need.

On the ship, we have been working on caulking the planks and also on the rigging we had things to do. We have been for about one month on the slipway. This is a place with a beautiful view and we could enjoy the sunrise and sunset every day from the ship. Bretagne is just another example of how beautiful the world really is.

Jean-Rene, one of the workers on the slipway, became a good friend.  We were invited to his house, where he lives with his wife and their two children. They are growing their own food and making their own cider. On his land he has been planting more than three thousand trees. A small forest planted by just one man.

Just imagine ….If we all just would treat the world with big respect, like this man does. There would be plenty if everything for all the people in the world. Living within the creation of plenty, instead of creating plenty of plenty we don’t really need.

There was enough time for cultural exploration in Bretagne. We have been visiting the countryside and the coastline. We were invited on small farms and harvesting our food our selves. One day we helped Paulette, a beautiful Breton lady with a small farm. We helped picking apples for making a delicious apple juice. We’ve got twenty bottles for the ship out of the total production of four hundred twenty bottles. The money for the apple juice is for a cinema project, which travels by sailing boat with the name  “Sobre las Olas”.  They perform interesting documentaries about the beautiful and crazy world we are living in.

Jeroen, our cook, was cooking two times in a local restaurant and we were all invited. Chez Mathurin is just the best restaurant in town; delicious food and only natural wine. We made a lot of contacts and friends.  People come by to bring fresh fish, apples, vegetables and so on. Life is not too bad here in Dournenez,

We have been sailing on a small boat to “Ile de Sein”. This is a small island west of Finisterre. The roughness of this place, where the ocean meets the land, is just amazing. Rocks, waves, current and swell… We were sailing all the way into the harbor, without using the stinking machine, and the next day we sailed out only by the wind. Anne-Flore , thank you so much for this awesome weekend.

We’ve been visiting the boat building school and sail maker school in town. There is a big community on building of and sailing with traditional boats in Douarnenez. We met Christoph from “ Plein Mer”. They are doing a very nice job on building and restoring old wooden boats. Of course a lot of people came a board to visit the Nordlys. Every time people who come on Nordlys are amazed of the fact, the ship is having no engine at all.

We adjusted a mast and sail on our dinghy, so we can go sailing in the harbor. It’s a beautiful wooden dinghy, perfect for sailing and rowing. Most of the crew had some time of. Time to visit family and friends. After two years hard working on Nordlys to make her sail again, it was a good moment for some rest as well. Live is not only about working.

One Saturday we organized a party on the boat. The cargo hold was still empty, so we transformed it into a dancing place. There was only organic beer and natural wine….. and of course some Tres Hombres rum. A big success it was.

Right now the ship and her crew are ready to go back at sea. We have some time to do sail training and little adjustment on the rigging. We managed to organize a cargo of Breton Cider for England and the Netherlands, which we can deliver to the cargo owners before the winter feasts. On board, everybody is delighted to have this cargo on board right now. We show the world, transport can be done in a different way.

“In die Ruhe liegt die Kraft”, as they say in Germany. Right now I am working on the adjustments of the sea charts. The North Sea starts to look like an industrial zone. A lot of oil and gas riggings, highways for the big ships, new wind farms for the so called “green energy”.  In between they create some marine reserve areas.  I hope there will be still some place to sail.

These are the waters we are going to sail. It is winter right now, so it will be cold. Most of the storms will hit the north of Ireland and Scotland. We will take the right window according to the forecasts. Whole the crew is excited to do this trip. We have enough warm clothes and sail back to Den Helder and prepare the ship for next year’s program.

We have cargo to sail and inspire the people with what we do……

Let’s combine our forces and make it happen!

Captain Lammert

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