Nordlys blog: Living on the rhythm of Nature

Date : Tuesday the 18 of October 2016
Position : 55*35.5’N 3*46.9’E
Speed & course :3 kts to south
Wind speed & direction : west 5 to 10 kts
Sea state : calm with a long swell from south
Sky state : Cirrostratus
Air temp: 14*C
Sea Temp: 14*C

Cirrostratus in the air, what does that mean?
Our web log followers answer “Low Pressure coming”
They are right
This morning, we already enjoyed the showers associated with the warm front
Or like the French crews call it on board “Ze Worm front”
Later the cold front will reach us and bring with it some wind
In between, light wind let us rolling on a long swell
What a pleasure to sail the North Sea in October
We don’t need to fill up our cup with water from the tank
Just let it outside and wait a couple of minute
And you get one of the purest water to drink
Living on the rhythm of the Nature
Grabbing all opportunity in the weather to go forward
Captain Francois

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