Tres Hombres Clipping along!

Here I am sitting in our Fairtransport office in Den Helder, Netherlands, drinking my Fairtransport Coffee and checking our e-mail to see if there is a message from the ship to post on the website. I’m looking to pick up signal from Tres Hombres ship and I’m happy to see she is in reach again of the AIS shore stations (the stations receive a AIS signal  which is approx <40 km )

She is clipping along with 8.5 knots. Tres Hombres passed the Strait of Dover last night and looking at the last positions received earlier today she needed only one tack to sail through it. (see picture attached) It is pretty busy in the Channel but the crew is having a lookout on deck at all times to help the helmsman to navigate through the traffic lanes without troubles. I remember  standing on deck together with my fellow crewmembers of the starboard watch, looking at the other ships, the shore and beautiful sky, telling stories to each other.. this was two years ago. It changed my life and I’m sure it will do to the current crew.

At this moment I’m looking at the weather forecast and it looks like it might take only a few (2-3-4?) more days for Tres Hombres to enter the port of Brixham, England. Keep checking our website to stay up-to-date and read more stories of our crew!

Oh, do you wish to send a warm greeting, love notes, poems, etc to the crew (only in text, no pictures or files) please send it to and we’ll pass it on to them! 


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